About Me

My name is Jason and I was born and raised right outside of Washington D.C. and still live in the area today. I met and fell in love with blogging near the end of 2008. When I decided to start a sports blog I knew absolutely nothing about blogging or anyone who had their own blog. My goal was to learn enough to start my sports blog and just write about sports, but something funny happened and my plans changed. While I was researching how to start a self hosted wordpress.org site, my passion for blogging grew to rival my passion for sports.

I started Basics 2 Blogging as a way to talk about what I've learned in my blogging journey and to help out the new bloggers who will come behind me. I'm no guru or expert, but I'm no dummy either and hate to see people get taken advantage of. One of my goals for this site is to have a forum where bloggers can come and interact with each other by asking questions or offering advice. I'm easy to get along with and eager to continue learning anything and everything I can about building successful blogs and websites. If you have any questions or suggestions please don't hesitate to contact me. Thanks for checking out the site and I hope you will come again!