Monday, July 20, 2009

What Can Google Do For You

I love Google because they give you a lot of cool services for free. There are certain things they will charge for, but being a new blogger you don't have to worry about any of those just yet. Unless you want to pay them for a domain and hosting, which is a good deal. I would hold off spending any money until you know that you are going to stick with this. Google will give free blogger blogs to get you started, plus you can earn money through ads on your site. If I could do it over again that is the route I would go. It's free to sign up with Google and it's well worth signing up even if you don't use blogger. Gmail is their email application and it is loaded with features, you will never look at email the same way again! My favorite of all things Google is the Google Chrome browser and yes it's free as well. It is easy to use and fast, I love it and everyone I have talked with about Chrome loves it. You are probably reading this and thinking to yourself that I must work or be associated with Google in some way, I'm not. The biggest issue I have with Google is that they need to simplify the adsense installation process, I hate it because for the new guy or gal like myself who have no clue. That is still a problem for me and I may drop the adsense part, there are other options out there. Go and check Google out and see if they have anything you could use to help you along on your journey into the blogosphere, good luck.

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