Friday, November 19, 2010

How Much Is Your Site Worth?

I found a couple pretty cool sites while I was doing my blogging research awhile back that will give you an idea of what your site is worth, for FREE! I go and check them from time to time just for kicks to see what they have to say about my sports blog, I have no idea of how accurate they really are because I've never dug that far into them, but now I'm curious after running my site name this morning. has it valued at around $2100.00 while has it at $4387.00, wow! That is a huge difference of over $2000.00, but which one is the most accurate? Where in the world do I go to find out which one to continue using while forgetting the other? This is such a big gap that I have to find this out. Plus if I ever decide to sell it I will need to know this information and I will post my findings on here for anyone who may need to check their site's value as well. I have found some sites that want me to pay for a "Pro Site Evaluation", but I'm not doing that because I'm not sure how they come up with their numbers and for all I know they may use these services when doing their report. Well off I go into the Blogosphere to find out about this, I will be back!

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