Saturday, June 29, 2013

Still Kicking Around The Blogosphere After Five Years and Loving Every Minute Of It!

I can't believe it's been almost five years since I got the itch to start a sports blog! Time has seemed to fly right on by. My journey has been filled with many ups and downs, but my love and desire for blogging has only grown stronger.

I started this blog as a way to chronicle my trials and tribulations and to connect with other like minded bloggers. I haven't kept up with this site as much as I intended too at the outset, but will be doing so from here on out.

A lot of things have changed over these last five years to make it easier than ever for "newbie" bloggers to get themselves up online and to get their message out into the Blogosphere without spending a dime. I was scared to death when I first started out and knew absolutely nothing about the online world. I couldn't do much more than surf the web and send someone an email, that's the truth.

When I was introduced to blogging a light bulb went off and I knew right away that I had to do one, no matter what. I've spent many, many hours learning and have come a long way. I've made many, many mistakes along the way as well, but I just keep plugging along and learning. There's been a ton of frustration and at times I've felt like quitting, but I can't. I love the challenges and enjoy learning all the different aspects to building a successful blog.

One of my biggest mistakes when I first started out was to avoid joining social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. I had no clue how powerful of an ally than can be. I was scared to join because I wasn't sure how to use them and thought they'd somehow end up being a detriment to building traffic for my sports blog. Now I look back and realize how ignorant I was.

If you're reading this and thinking of starting your own blog I'd say to go ahead and jump into the social media frenzy now, you will thank me later, I promise. Just dive right in and start interacting with people.

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