Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Great Online Blogging Resources For New Bloggers

Where can a new blogger go online to get the best information about how blogging works? That was one of my earliest questions. You can get all the information you need to start your blog and to get traffic to come as well, for FREE! Sounds easy enough, but how do you know what sites are legit and which ones are not? You don't, you have to be careful because there are some sites that are scams. I have come across plenty of both in my brief time on the net. You should go with your first gut feeling if something does not jive. I operate the same way. One thing I can promise you is that I will never recommend a site or a product that I don't beleive in. So I'm going to recommend some sites that I found that worked for me. I still go and check them out from time to time. Is a 10 part video series that is designed for the new blogger it is very,very good. Plus it's free. Each video is about 10 minutes long and packed with quality. Is a very informative site with alot to offer. You should check it out.

Another great site to check out is SBI, Sitebuildit. SBI is a very unique site because of all that it offers you. The best thing is that you can get some great training for free even if you don't buy anything. They will give you free Affiliate marketing training by signing up as an affiliate of theirs and that is free as well. If you plan on making money blogging then you should learn about affiliate marketing. There are more great sites that I will be putting on here in the coming weeks. You need to determine what blogging platform you will want to use. I will get into that in my next post.

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