Saturday, September 5, 2009

A Wordpress Plugin From Blogging Heaven

I found a Wordpress plugin that is absolutely amazing, it's the Header and Footer plugin that has been developed by I added it to my self hosted Wordpress blog at and it has worked great with no problems. What it does is allow people like me who don't understand coding to add stuff to your template very easy. You just paste whatever it is into one of the boxes that are labeled and the plugin does the rest. You can ad adsense or anything like that to your site, it really helps newbies to be able to monetize their site or to add other functionalties for your readers. I wish that I would have found this months ago! The plugin is free and will cost you nothing more than a couple minutes of your time to install and have it up and running. I highly recommend it because I know how intimidating trying to add something to your template can be for a new blogger. I hope that this will help you on your blogging journey!  

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