Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Bullshit Gurus Online Part 2

I want to clarify my last post on the Bullshit Gurus Online,  I'm not talking about everyone who makes their living online and teaches people like me the ropes. There are some really good people out there with topnotch online education about making money with your blog. Some of the good sites do offer free information as well as their  paid training programs and these people are legit.

 I understand how you sell things and you do have to be able to connect with people on a personal level if you want to make sales. There is a fine line between salesmanship and downright "Fake A$$ kissing" and that is such a turnoff. The sad thing is there are people who can't see through that and get suckered. The guys that are doing this are only doing it because they are hidden behind a computer and they feel safe. If they had to come out from behind their computer and deal with people face to face they would starve to death because they don't have the heart or the balls to do it in person.

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