Saturday, May 1, 2010

RSS Feeds Can Generate Huge Free Targeted Traffic To Your Site

If you want to get some free targeted traffic to your blog I found a great way to do it with RSS Feeds. On my other site,  I got a big boost in my site traffic last month after I started to syndicate RSS Feeds into my site. In March I had 18,215 page views for the whole month. For the month of April it jumped to 47,851 page views and I didn't start syndicating the feeds until April 10th. After I saw a little jump in my traffic I added a few more feeds and the traffic really started to take off. I made sure to add only sports feeds that my readers would be interested in reading. I installed the plugin FeedWordpress and have been more than happy so far! I have made sure to keep the posts as-is and keep the authors names because I don't want to be viewed as a fraud. I had been going crazy trying to create content and learn all the aspects of building a successful sports blog at the same time and this plugin has been wonderful!  

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