Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Throwing Myself Into Adsense

In the past couple of days I have really thrown myself into learning the nuts and bolts of how Adsense works. I admit that I never took the time to fully understand how to make the most of what it offers. When I first started I couldn't wait until I had some ads on my site. I felt like I was reading a foreign language when I was attempting to verify my site and then trying to add the Adsense code. It was frustrating and I felt stupid because I was having such a hard time. From the time Google accepted me into their program I think it was something like 3 months before the first ad was on my site.

When I first started I was completely clueless, but determined. I didn't even know how to cut and paste and Wordpress plugins scared the $hit out of me. Then one day I met the text widget and felt like I had found the cure to the common cold or something because it was like magic. I have hardly made any money through Adsense up until this point, but I don't blame nobody for that except myself. If you look around long enough you will see there are some people who love the program while others hate it with a passion, but I want to be able to make my own decision on whether or not it will work for me. Stay tuned because I will give some updates as to where I'm at in the learning process and what my thoughts are at that point.

Google AdSense For DummiesI feel more comfortable learning it this time because I've had a little seasoning and have started to figure some things out. I've read where some people describe their learning process felt like a puzzle coming together and I feel the same way about myself.
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