Friday, February 4, 2011

I Just Joined Unguru.Me

If you are sick and tired of all these online gurus who promise you the moon with their "systems" and "reports", then you may want to check out UnGuru.Me and see what you think. Before I go any further I want to let you know that as I type this I'm not an affiliate of If that changes at a later date I will update this for the world to see. I gain nothing whether you sign up with them or not. I do not recommend a product or a service just to make a quick buck and I never will. That is not how I do business, I care about my credibility and want to make an honest living online. When I recommend something it's because I believe in the product or service and I either use it or would use it myself.

If you have not been around the world of blogging that long you may not be sick of the gurus, yet. I promise that if you stick around long enough you will grow to despise them as much as the rest of us! All they are after is your money and some of their sites and pitches are good, some even look great. So they prey upon the new kids on the block who have no online experience. I'm not trying to bill myself as an expert on anything and will freely admit that I'm still learning each and everyday. I've been online around 2 years and have taught myself up to this point.
I was drawn to for a couple of reasons that I will go over briefly. The first being that all the guru stuff is not part of their culture and they have a very impressive group that makes up their leadership board. Their leadership board is full of people who have well documented online success and they take a no nonsense approach that appeals to me and has me excited to be part of their community.

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