Sunday, May 22, 2011

Tips For Using Sponsored Tweets

SponsoredTweets referral badge I'm a big fan of Twitter and use it all the time and I also really like the Sponsored Tweets program to earn a few bucks from my Tweets. I have no problem with someone who is trying to monetize their blogs or social networking profiles as long as they are being straight up and legit with their intentions. I'm an affiliate of the Sponsored Tweets program and want to let you know up front before we go any further.

I'm not an expert or a guru to making money online, but I'm slowly figuring some things out. I will post some tips for you on how I use the Sponsored Tweets program and hope they can be of some value to you. If you are reading this and have some tips of your own and would like to share them then please let me know and you can do a guest post or send me the tips and I will add them on here for everyone to see.

The Sponsored Tweets program is free to sign up for and you retain total control of your Twitter account and private information. They do offer a pro account that is a small monthly fee, but you don't have to use it to get offers and I'm proof of that because I'm still using the free account that I signed up with. I've been thinking of signing up for their pro account lately, but as of this moment I'm not.

You can decline an offer and don't have to explain yourself. I use them and have turned down offers and I still get offers, but I want to make that point clear for you. Don't ever let yourself feel pressured into doing a tweet because you are in control and it's your credibility on the front lines. I've rambled enough now onto my tips.
  •   Be honest and don't try and game the system because it will get caught and you will lose your credibility and an easy way to generate some revenue for yourself. 
  • Always and I mean always check what it is that you will be tweeting out to your followers, no exceptions! Don't just accept an offer and write your tweet and then submit it on the spot without checking the link your followers will be clicking. It will take you to the page they will see and then you can decide what to do. 
  • It's ok to decline an offer! I have turned down some and I still continue to receive offers.
  • Do try and make the tweet like the advertiser has requested. You may have to get creative and trim a word here or there in order to fit it into your tweet, but this doesn't happen that much.
  • Be reasonable with what you charge to do a tweet.

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