Monday, September 2, 2013

Google Adsense Is Still Confusing and Frustrating

Why doesn't Google make the Adsense platform more user friendly? I've been struggling with learning it off and on for a few years, but I always end up pissed off and frustrated. Then I'll take a break and say that I'm done with trying to figure things out because it's way to time consuming for me to learn while I'm trying to continue building my sports site and creating content for it. But then I always seem to somehow find myself trying to figure out how to use Adsense after my cooling off period is over.

It's become a vicious cycle of mental torture that I can't escape. Now I know how Bill Murray felt in the movie Groundhog Day, help!!

I'm not writing this to badmouth Google, I'm actually a fan of Google and use several of their services, but Adsense continues to be a struggle. I know that part of the problem is with me, but I still think they could make the user interface and help sections more user friendly as well as easier to understand.

I really want to use Adsense and don't mind dedicating some time to learning it. I'm also aware that things are always changing and you may need to spend some time learning new features as they become available.

One thing I'm going to do if I ever learn the ropes is to make an easy to understand tutorial for people like me to use from the sign up point right on through.

I've actually created ads and served them on my site, but there's a lot I'm not grasping and it's just so frustrating to feel like I'm wasting so much time on something I may never figure out.

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