Sunday, November 22, 2009

Earn Revenue From Your Tweets

I love Twitter, it is a neat service. I'm also starting to really understand how powerful it can be for people when understood and used properly! There are many "Twitter Gurus" who will show you how to make millions of dollars for a fee or they promise you the moon in some special report. I'm not going to promise you anything except the truth and have no magic get rich quick report for you. One of the ways to make some money off your tweets is by signing up with Sponsored Tweets. It's free to sign up and easy to use. What they do is to bring the transaction together like a middleman. They match you up with advertisers who want you to tweet a message to your followers for a fee. Sponsored Tweets will then present you the opportunity and all the details regarding what the advertiser is looking for. At that point you can either accept or deny the proposal. If you accept it then follow the instructions which take a couple of seconds to complete. Then you are done and will be notified after everything is complete and your account has been credited with your revenue earned! It does work because I signed up for it and have done a couple and have been paid. It took a couple weeks until I got my first offer, I was starting to think it didn't work and then I got an offer. I have done 3 so far. I wanted to see the process work before I would recommend it. I am happy with it so far and if you are a twitter user and looking to make some money then you should go and check them out and see what you think about their program.

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