Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Dog Days Of Blogging

I'm going to borrow a baseball analogy and apply it to blogging because I think it's perfect to describe those times when you get frustrated with blogging. It can and does happen to all bloggers in the beginning when you first start out and you look around and see all these "Bull$hit Guru's" telling you how much money they are making and how fast they make it. You see all of this and then start questioning yourself and that leads to self doubt and frustration. Thats not the only way for a blogger to get frustrated, but I'm using it as my example here to make a point.

The important thing is not to give up and quit, if you want it bad enough you must dig in and continue moving forward. There is no get rich quick secret to making money online and you must understand that going into to blogging. You can make money online and there are several people who are completely legit that have, but they are up front and honest about the steps you need to take in order to achieve whatever it is that you are after. Don't keep wasting your time or money on these miracle "breakthrough discoveries" that will fatten your wallet overnight. All that crap is just a waste of your time and helps to keep the "Bull$hit Guru's" in business!

I will be honest and let you know that I've felt like quitting a few times and at some point you will as well, but don't do it. I've never been a quitter and besides I really love blogging and all that goes with it. A lot of things have really started to make sense to me as each day goes by. It's almost like putting a puzzle together in my mind and I've heard other bloggers say the same thing. Blogging can feel quite lonely at times and you may feel like your getting nowhere, but as long as you keep posting and trying to learn, you may not see it, but you are making progress. The bottom line is that even though you may get knocked down, you must get up and continue the journey.
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